Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz will continue to monitor local and state protocols regarding COVID-19.  As the situation continues to change, we will be prepared to best protect you and your dancer’s health and safety.  Below is a list of our current policies.  Please know that these are subject to change as guidelines continue to be updated. 100% of all Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz Faculty and Staff have been vaccinated.



*Hollywood Vibe and HDJ have always worked to give dancers more room to move pre COVID19 by limiting enrollment to insure a better educational experience.  We will continue this by limiting the amount of dancers per ballroom.

  • With limited attendance, we will no longer be able to offer Parent Observers in the Junior, Intermediate, Teen & Senior Ballrooms.  Mini dancers will be limited to 1 studio representative or 1 Parent Only.
  • Currently, Masks will be required for the Convention.  Face Shields are not an acceptable form of a mask and will not be allowed for the convention.  There will be no masks exemption for those that are vaccinated.
  • Currently, Masks will not be required for competition.  There will be no point deduction if dancers are wearing Masks on stage.
  • Awards will be available live stream.  Studios may select a few dancers to be on stage for awards.  All other dancers may watch awards in the ballroom in the audience.
  • All parents and teachers are encourage to do pre-checks before attending the event.  Any dancer that feels sick, shows symptoms, or has a fever of 100.4 or above is asked not to attend.
  • Dancers are asked to bring their own water bottle as water stations may not be available in the ballrooms.
  • Hollywood Vibe will continue to clean stage during certain periods throughout competition as well as high touch points such as handrails
  • Class Scheduling will continue to be tiered or blocked so start and end times will vary.  Thus reducing the amount of dancers who will be entering/exiting ballrooms and pre-function areas.


The following policies will be in effect for our 2021-2022 events:

  • In order to confirm your attendance, secure your spot and plan for our events, we will be asking for a non-refundable deposit of $250 which will go towards your total due.   Full Payment will not be due until one month -2 weeks prior to the scheduled weekend.
  • In the event Hollywood Vibe or Hollywood Dance Jamz needs to cancel due to the COVID pandemic, you will be refunded your full payment amount.
  • In the event of sickness, injury, or quarantining of which they need to cancel their attendance, credit will be issued to Studio Registered which will be good for up to 1 year. 
  • A refund will be issued for a dancer that has a confirmed case of COVID with a Doctor’s note. Refunds go to the Studio Registered and not processed individually.
  • Any Refunds will be processed within 14 days of event date to the Dance Studio Registered.

We will continue to monitor government policies and public health organizations on their updates and changes.  As this is still a very fluid situation, plan may be updated or modified.  Along with our plan and everyone’s personal responsibility, we will put forth our best efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for all!

We look forward to dancing with you this season!!


Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz