Join us for an Exciting Competition judged by our experienced faculty which consists of Top LA Choreographers and Dancers direct from LA. All dancers will receive recognition for every act performed in our awards ceremony.

Teachers will receive digital score sheets along with constructive comments from every judge.

Please read carefully. Failure to meet any of these terms may result in disqualification.



All entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available.


Mini: 5-7 Years of Age
Junior: 8-10 Years of Age
Pre-Teen: 11-12 Years of Age
Teen: 13-14 Years of Age
Senior: 15-18 Years of Age
Pro-Am: 19+ Years of Age

  • All ages are determined by Jan. 1, 2024
  • Age Divisions are based on the average age of the dancers in each routine. To determine the average age of a routine, add all ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the routine. When averaging ages, always drop the decimal point.
  • A studio may not compete against itself in the same category with the same identical performers in the Solo/Duet/Trio Divisions.
  • Routines are allowed to compete in an age category higher than the average age.
  • Any Teachers competing, will be placed in the Pro-Am Division
  • All competing dancers must be prepared to present proof of age should a question arise.
  • In order to accommodate all entries, you may be asked to perform anytime on Friday (as early as 7:00am). By entering, you agree to this possibility
  • All acts that score a High Silver and Above, Qualify for National Finals
  • There is No Limit to how many acts a Studio Can Enter.
  • Limit one solo per dancer.


  • JAZZ: Primarily jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music.
  • BALLET: Primarily ballet or pointe technique, including classical steps and movements.
  • HIP-HOP: Primarily hip-hop technique.
  • TAP: Primarily tap technique. Routines demonstrating clogging technique and style may not compete in the tap category.
  • CONTEMPORARY: A fusion of many jazz styles with a strong emphasis on modern technique.
  • LYRICAL: A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music incorporating emotional and storytelling elements.
  • MUSICAL THEATRE: Any routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical.
  • OPEN: Consists of all other categories: ethnic, acro/gymnastics, novelty, clogging, ballroom, etc.

Performers should enter the category that most fits the style of the routine. If your routine does not fit in one of the above categories please enter it in the Open category. If your routine has more that 4 tumbling passes, you must enter in the Open category. Tumbling occurring simultaneously is considered one pass.


SOLO $175 2:30 minutes max
DUET/TRIO (2-3 performers) $85 3 minutes max
SMALL GROUP (4-9 performers) $60 3 minutes max
LARGE GROUP (10-16 performers) $60 4 minutes max
LINE (17-24 performers) $60 4 minutes max
PRODUCTION (25+ performers) $60 6 minutes max

*Late Fees will apply if payment is made less than 30 days prior to the Event Date
*Solo Late Fees $25/solo, Duo/Trio Late Fees $5/dancer, Group Late Fees $5/dancer


*Maximum of 70 dancers on stage at one time

  • All competing dancers must be registered for the entire convention in the city where competing.
  • Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • No minimum time limits. A one-point deduction for every five seconds over the time limit will be deducted from the final score. Timing will begin with the start of the music. Performers must enter and exit the stage in a timely manner and quickly clear the stage of any props or debris. Props cannot include items that are intentionally dispensed before or during a number.
  • Time and classification limitations will be strictly enforced.
  • NEED ADDITIONAL TIME? You may purchase up to 3 additional minutes of time for any Group, Line, Extended Line or Production for just $5 per dancer, per additional minute.
  • There will be a 15 second Grace Period given to Routines.  After 15 seconds, extra time may be purchased.
  • Routines that do not comply with Time Limits may be considered for Adjudication Only


A schedule for routines and times will be posted five days prior to the first day of the event date. Please note that all routines are expected to perform during their designated time, however, Hollywood Dance Jamz reserves the right to run one hour ahead of schedule. Hollywood Dance Jamz Competition is run in numerical order. However, you may be asked to compete out of sequence in order to avoid a delay. If a routine cannot perform before the awards session in which it is scheduled for any reason, it will not be eligible for an overall award. However, it can be performed for judges comments and it will still receive its respective adjudicated award.


All music must be uploaded to the Registration Portal prior to registered convention city. Music is accessed through the portal to download and play for Competition. It is recommended that you bring a backup copy on a jump drive should there be a system malfunction.


Adjudication Scoring Breakdown (Average Score between 3 Judges)

  • That’s My Jam!: 100%-97.5
  • Platinum: 97%-94.5%
  • High Gold: 94%-91.5%
  • Gold: 91%-88.5%
  • High Silver: 88%-85.5%
  • Silver: 85 and below

Performance Awards: Each routine will be judged using the method of adjudication, which is based on a 100 point system.

Divisional Overall Awards: 1st through 3rd place will be given to the top scores in each age division (Mini, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, & Senior) for the Solo, Duet/Trio, Sm. Group, Lg. Group, Line & Production Divisions.

Overall Awards: Awards will be given to the highest scoring routine in each age division (Mini, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen & Senior).

*Score sheets and Judges critiques will be available via the Registration Portal on the Sunday following Competition.


Special Awards presented for Outstanding Choreography, Most Entertaining, Best Costume, Best Direction, and Judges’ Choice Awards!


  • Register early!!! Space will be limited and entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Competition registration closes 30 days prior to event.
  • Videotaping and flash photography of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Please submit one studio check per studio or call the office (567) 825-3857 with your credit card number. All entry fees are non-refundable.
  • No faxed or emailed registrations will be accepted.
  • No changes in competition entries will be allowed 10 days prior to competition.
  • Competition start time may vary city to city. Expect Friday competition to occur.
  • To be eligible to compete, all participants must be registered for the convention.
  • All competitors must wear their convention wristband during competition.
  • All fees in each division are per performer, per entry.
  • Incorrect information will result in disqualification.
  • Teachers/owners must have birth certificates or proof of age on hand in case of dispute.
  • All routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Failure to do so will reflect in total score or disqualification. This is up to the discretion of the judges and HDJ Directors.
  • All participants and observers must conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship.
  • No photography or videography in the dressing rooms.
  • No males allowed in the ladies dressing room area.
  • No teacher may perform with a student.
  • By participating in this competition all contestants automatically give their consent of images, picture or any other form of electronic recording to be used by HOLLYWOOD DANCE JAMZ for advertising or any other commercial purpose.
  • Competition is open to the public, seating is on a first come first served basis.
  • General lifts are acceptable, no pyramids or basket tosses. No mini tramps, springboards, etc. permitted.
  • Any props exceeding 6 feet in height and/or assembling time beyond 1 minute need special clearance. Please contact the office at 567-825-3857.
  • Any rule infractions will be determined by the judges and HDJ Directors.
  • Violation of any rules may result in disqualification.
  • HDJ reserves the right to cancel events based on enrollment.
  • Participants will be judged by a panel of highly qualified judges who are also our HDJ Faculty. All participants agree that the time, manner and method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the judges and HDJ Directors of HOLLYWOOD DANCE JAMZ and that all decisions are final.
  • In the event that a dancer in a group cannot perform due to injury, the group may still perform in the same division they originally registered.

Participants are expected to recognize the risks of physical injury innate to dance and dance performances. All participants must be willing to assume those risks. Upon entering this event it is agreed that participants will not hold HOLLYWOOD DANCE JAMZ or its employees liable for any injuries sustained or any illnesses contracted while in attendance and/or performing in any activity related to a HOLLYWOOD DANCE JAMZ event.